October adventures 👻

Well, it’s been a minute! We’ve been busy winding down summer, prepping for winter, and knocking some items off the to-do list.

We went to see an abandoned Air Force base with some friends.
We’ve had a few more backyard fires while the weather held out.
I reorganized my office set up again!
We introduced Gremlin to the attic!
We’ve been eating a much healthier diet (and therefore doing lots of meal prepping)
Got out to see some art (Wolf Kahn self portrait at BMAC)
Ate some barbeque
Planted 1.5 pounds of garlic for spring.
Hosted an online awards show from my basement.
Fixed up the basement for winter coziness (this was Dan’s project)
Awaited the Great Pumpkin
And I made some cake.

We’re looking forward to November and all that brings. More soon.

Work-related update

I celebrated my 1-yr work anniversary last month and yesterday, my new title was announced, along with some more newsy staff changes. I’m now Director of Operations for LION Publishers. I’ve updated my bio in the about section here. Read the announcement here.

We’re a fully dispersed remote team working across time zones. So while stay-at-home orders affected the working situations of my friends and neighbors, I had seven months of it already.

That’s not to say that a year in, we’ve got it all figured out. So this next year, I’ll be working on smoothing the edges of our operations, figuring out the systems that work best for us, creating efficiencies and workflows that help us to deliver our mission more effectively.

That’s just one part of the job. I’ll try to be more regular with work-related updates from now on. And in case you’re wondering what Dan’s been up to: he’s advocating for more humane and equitable healthcare for all of us as executive director of Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation.

Some days it’s back to back Zoom meetings. At least this summer I could take them from the front porch.

South Barre Bike Path

Yesterday I met up with my friend Michelle for a walk along a path I hadn’t been before, the South Barre Bike Path. I’d seen signs for it but hadn’t ever walked it. She really loves this walk and was happy to show it to me.

Google maps of start of path
A Google satellite view of the path where we started, on Fairview St.

We met up at City Hall park in downtown Barre and walked about 10 minutes to Fairview Street. Fair warning: the lower part of Prospect Street is a steep hill.

This is the entrance. The path is asphalt the entire length and flat. Our walk was on an early Saturday evening and we only met a few people along the way: a pair of cyclists and a person with their dog.

The path follows the Stevens Branch, and I could hear the water on my left. There are worn foot paths and some mown paths that lead to the water’s edge. One path goes to the Barre City Dog Park.

I like that there was vegetation on both sides of the bike path, which includes a tall tree canopy, swaths of goldenrod, jewelweed, bramble and wild grapes. Compared to the Montpelier Bike Path by the high school, this one has a more secluded feel.

This mile-long path ends up in South Barre at Bridge Street. Upon exiting, we can look over the bridge onto the water. Be careful because the traffic is fast here and the sidewalk is not wide.

We turned around and headed back after that to finish out a comfortable two-mile walk. Fairview Street is a quiet residential neighborhood. It’s a nice ease back into the bustle of downtown. Can’t wait to bring Dan here.