Solstice Cheer 2009

Solstice Cheer 2009

Every year, my friend Cynthia sends me a Solstice card–it’s her holiday card.  No Christmas or New Year’s greetings.  I guess her recent visit inspired her to make a more graphic cartoon drawing for this year’s illustration.  I’m so glad about that.  I love her drawing style.  Her sense of humor really shines through this piece.

We share a wonderful correspondence.  Actual letters, I mean, posted with beautiful, collectible stamps on the envelopes.  I am in love with people who still write handwritten letters.  I know they are rare people in this age of instant digital contacts.  I admit I have fallen off the letterwriting wagon.  Since Facebook has taken up a lot of my time, and made keeping in touch really easy, my letter-writing has come to a screeching halt.

I am not one who often feels guilt.  But in this respect, I am guilty.  I have abandoned my pen pals (many of whom I am not digitally connected to).  In return, they have let me go.  Rarely now do I find that personal note in my P.O. Box.  Now I know what it is like to open the mail and find only bills.

Well, postage stamps are made for using.  So use them I will!  My goal for this coming year is to write, write, write!  Not just poetry and blog posts, but letters.  Lots of letters.  I hope all the addresses I have are still active.  I had tried to continue my weekly martini might at the bar when I moved to Montpelier.  And at the bar, I would scribble my confessions into my letters while I got drunk.  My handwriting would start out neat(ish) and ramble on until it tumbled over itself and scarcely readable loops.  That’s when I knew I was done for the night.  I love doing it this way.

But the schedule didn’t work for me as it did when I lived in Brattleboro.  And I guess I gave up.  Last week when I walked to a different bar (one I rarely visit), I realized I just hadn’t tried hard enough to find the right place and time.  I found it last week, at a hotel bar down the street, in the afternoon.   The bar is long and shiny.  The servers are pleasant and beautiful.  The atmosphere is quiet.  This is not a place to be seen.  I can think and read and write here.

So I’ve found it, Cynthia.  My new letter-writing place.  I wrote you a letter while eating lunch there.  And I’ll do it again, and again.   Once a week, starting January.  Keep me to it.

One thought on “Solstice Cheer 2009

  1. I write letters to friends and receive them in return. Love them! Feeling the paper which my friends touched and folded, reading the ink which flowed from their pens, it all makes me feel much more connected with them than would an email or facebook post. Besides, when I was a kid I always wanted a secret code and now I have one; it’s called cursive. Write on!


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