50 Things That Make Me Happy

I found this list on my hard drive recently. I’d forgotten that I’d written it, and that I wanted to add on to it, hence the more than 50 entries here. Most of them are still true. Someday–perhaps later this year–I will amend this list. For now, this is what it was about 4 years ago.

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. the color of my shimmery green pen
2. personal letters arriving in my mailbox
3. when someone unexpectedly / spontaneously tell me, very sincerely, how very beautiful I am
4. Watching the town wake up
5. Being productive in my early morning / late evening hours
6. Writing an astounding poem
7. Mozart
8. Dreams that ask me questions
9. Cheesecake
10. reuniting with someone after some time apart
11. writing personal letters to people far away from me
12. having money in the bank
13. going on walks alone
14. mornings after a heavy snowfall before it’s started to melt
15. hot chocolate with whipped cream
16. downy bedding
17. everything stick with cream cheese
18. sunning my eyes / sun meditations
19. being in or by the water
20. writing and receiving Thank You notes
21. hugs
22. making earrings
23. Kojak sleeping in bed with me
24. the smell of wood smoke
25. driving along scenic state routes
26. holding hands
27. dressing up
28. the scent of green papaya
29. reciting poetry in the shower
30. the mobility of having a car
31. sharing
32. going to see live theatre
33. doing yoga
34. giving thanks
35. quick responses
36. goofiness
37. pretty stamps
38. liking the friends of my friends
39. Kentucky Bourbon Vanilla from Herrell’s
40. my favorite pink cup at the Tea Lounge
41. when people call me by name
42. cleaning for Brenda in exchange for yoga class
43. watching the sunset with a friend
44. walking in a warm rain
45. harvesting from my garden
46. ginger blossoms and orange blossoms
47. bonfires
48. when the person I’m thinking of walks around the corner
49. fresh clean sheets
50. plenty of restful sleep
51. planning parties
52. staying up all night caught up in a good book
53. making dinner for myself
54. making dinner for other people
55. redeeming my membership discounts
56. realizing someone is not all that bad afterall
57. being warm while snow all around me falls
58. being sassy

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