Lao American Writer’s Summit

History is about to take place … I’m going to Minneapolis for the first time ever.

No, seriously, Bryan Thao Worra and his team have been working non-stop to bring about the first ever Lao American Writer’s Summit (in Minneapolis), taking place this weekend. And I’m going! Yay!

I’ve only met a few of these people through their online presences, so I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to meet them all in person, hear what they’re working on. And get a sense of what Lao-Am writing IS. This probably will be one of the largest gatherings of Laotians been in that won’t involve family, or temple worship. How exciting and scary.

About the Summit though: August 13th through 15th at the Loft Literary Center, featuring writing workshops, community panels, and a FREE public reading. The event schedule is here. I’ll be sharing my writing, talking about my poetry career path (so far), including my stints at Kundiman and other retreats. Leading or taking a workshop (or two). etc.

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