Two Weeks Notice

As many of you know, I was up all night at the 24 Hour Comics Challenge at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library this weekend. I slept 16 hours afterwards πŸ™‚ I didn’t think I’d really have much to write about, so I resigned myself to hanging out, and wandering from room to room looking over everyone’s shoulders.

But then inspiration struck. Because I actually did have something I needed to tell you all. The story is called “Two Weeks Notice”. It only takes up 5 pages. I ended up completing 12 out of 24 pages. Oh well.

This is something I meant to blog about and tell everyone. Here it is in comic form.

“I’ve enjoyed the daily visits of our regular customers, mostly consisting of folks from the neighborhood”

‘”Hi! I need to hire a few people for the store and don’t want to take out an ad. Know anyone?”

“5 years is the longest I’ve stayed @ a job. Video store = 3 yrs. Tech support < 1yr. Stock Clerk = 3yrs. Bookstore = 3 yrs.”

“Pros / Cons”

“Two Weeks!”

That’s right, folks! I’m formally giving you my two weeks’ notice. My last day slinging the sludge at Birchgrove Baking is Friday, October 15th (which coincidentally is also the same day as Art Walk). I will be starting my new full-time gig at Bear Pond Books the following week. Look for me at their Main Street location, and in the Berlin Mall during the holidays.

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