POETRY Alive Kicks Off!

POETRY Alive’s kick off event was a success all around. I brought the guidebooks in hot off the press and we passed them around as the audience waited for the 7 o’clock hour. Rachel Senechal, the Program and Development Coordinator for the  Kellogg Hubbard Library introduced Baron Wormser to the audience, and gave shout out to me, to Sadie Allen, her Americorp VISTA Volunteer, and a whole list of folks without whom POETRY Alive! would not have been possible.

I’d heard Baron Wormser read once before, last April at Bear Pond Books, and ended up purchasing his new and selected book. On Thursday, he read mostly from his newer book, Impenitent Notes. The audience was enthralled, laughed and ached along with each of the poems. Mr. Wormser is a terrific reader, practiced, and conversational in tone.

Later, during the Q&A, he was staunch about poetry being an aural tradition, that it’s meant to be read aloud. He admitted he was self-taught and didn’t start poetry writing in earnest until he was about 30 years old (which he calls late).

The Q & A was one of the best the parts of the whole evening. The audience included some of the poets whose work is on display in the town-wide storefront exhibit, and they were taking this opportunity to pick the brain of an accomplished writer. They were hungry for it. Who are your influences? Do you share with family? What are your writing materials? Are you teaching writing workshops?

Everyone left wanting to learn more, and deeply grateful for what Wormser shared with us. Not just his poems. But also his process. Good news for all of you who were present–we’re looking to bring him back next year!

Thanks to everyone who attended, and made our first program of POETRY Alive! a successful one.  We hope to see you throughout the month!

Click here for full schedule and listings.

One of the poets in the audience was Cheryl Willoughby, who wrote about the evening here and here.

POETRY Alive! is a joint presentation of The Kellogg-Hubbard Library and Montpelier Alive and is supported in part by The Vermont Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities. It is coordinated by Rachel Senechal and Phayvanh Luekhamhan.

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