Lantern Review on Kundiman

Iris Law and Henry W. Leung have great write-ups about their first Kundiman Retreat experience over at the Lantern Review blog. I sorely missed being there this summer, as my writing time has diminished since taking on this new full-time job. And interactions with such earnest, full-hearted poets is rare for me.

I know it may be hard for anyone who has not gone through the Kundiman experience to really understand the fierce love we all feel for one another. So for me, it’s touching that another round of new fellows have left feeling transformed, and energized.

Iris speaks to my experience directly when she writes: “Kundiman felt like a gift to me—as a writer, and as an Asian American-identified poet—not solely because of the writing I was able to do and the people that I met, but because I came away from the weekend feeling deeply nourished.”

Anyway, read the post. The photos are also really great.

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