Camping Season 2013 FTW

Summer’s been busy for us—Dan and I have been working our way through the Venture Vermont Challenge during our monthly camping trips, and I am proud to say that I am winning**

Map of New Discovery

My score card so far runs like this:

Paddle a Boat – 10

Swim – 5

Go Wading – 5

Build a Fairy House – 10 (I did 3 of these, but whatevs)

Fairy House 2013 Half Moon Pond

Build two types of campfires – 20

Create a supplies checklist – 10

Put together a First Aid Kit – 10

Climb a boulder – 5

Hike a trail – 20 (includes bringing friends)

Grow a Garden – 20

Clean Up Roadside Litter – 15

Start Composting – 10

Camp at a State Park – 40 (includes new sites)

Visit a State Park – 20

Larkspur at night 2013

Camp in a Lean-to – 20 (actually did this a couple of times)

Make S’mores – 5

Use the Vermont State Parks mobile app – 10

Right now I’m at 235 points. Once I post a photo onto Facebook, win a Frisbee ® match, write a poem, and/or take a picnic, I’ll have completed the challenge. What do I get? According to the website: a free day pass to Vermont State Parks for the rest of this season AND for the 2014 season too.

Hey, Dan also did many of these things, but I’ll leave it up to him to turn in his own score card.

DB Camping 2013

We’ve camped at Ricker Pond, New Discovery, Half Moon Pond, and this weekend, we will be at Stillwater. If it were up to us, our day trip to Franconia Notch would also qualify. Thanks to the Vermont State Parks for drafting this awesome challenge for us, and for helping us to love camping again.

**Winning takes 250 points. Details HERE.


Ricker Pond Reflections HERE

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