Workday Roundup: Monday, November 4

The start of a work week gives me such hope.  Of all the things I wanted to have checked off my to-do list, these are the top things that I was able to accomplish yesterday. I realize that this may not mean much for those of you not intimate with my day-to-day workings.

  1. Facebook event page creation.  If you’re wondering when the Montpelier Art Walks are scheduled this year, make sure to follow the Facebook page. Each event also lists the due date for listing info. I like to use “people” photos in the events pages, instead of “art” images. The ones on these pages are from 2010. I also added a few new holiday events for Montpelier Alive while I was at it.
  2. Check in with Kimberley & Ashley re: Capital City Cash promotion with Shaw’s. There’s been so much he said/she said and not enough from corporate that it’s been slowing our roll-out at the Montpelier location. Kimberley’s next steps and Ashley’s meeting with the new Berlin manager should guide us forward. Dana also sent new coupon art and I was able to consult with Capitol Copy about printing door decals for the Montpelier location. This also led to me reorganizing our PayPal store for online purchases of Capital City Cash, which was a huge pain the butt! I was fighting against source code and trying to configure PayPal’s buttons to look the way I wanted them to, but to no avail. I settled on creating a new web page and a simple itemized list.
  3. Chat with Julie from the Caledonia Record—it’s always good to make new contacts, especially ones that will help to bring new audiences and marketshare. Unfortunately, we’re already into November and holiday ad buys have already been made, so I wasn’t able to create a new ad package with the CR at this time, but I encouraged her to get some face time in with Montpelier anyways.

A great day? Not really. Especially since our banner-hanging party got rescheduled until Wednesday. *sigh*

Today is Tuesday—let’s see if any of today’s meetings result in more income, less time, and higher-impact projects.

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