Cemeteries of Catan

My gift for Dan’s birthday this year is a homemade scenario of Settlers of Catan, a board game that we have enjoyed playing recently. It’s called “Cemeteries of Catan” and utilizes his photos for Development Cards and a couple new Victory Point tiles.

The Scenario: The bodies of Catan are shipped to this island for burial, and as they come in, players have to build coffins and bury them. Players use natural resources to build coffins, tombstones, mausoleums, wooden crosses and may obtain Victory Cards for having buried the most bodies, and/or for tending the most cemetery plots. Because buried bodies decompose into the Earth, plots also increase resource production.

Basic Set Up: Use the standard Settlers of Catan gameboard set up, with the port tiles from the Fishermen of Catan (but not the lake hex or the fish). The initial settlements act as the sexton’s / gravedigger’s home base and therefore do not require any bodies to be buried there. All future settlement tokens (representing mausoleums) will require burials, see below.

Special Components:

  • chits to represent “bodies” – double sided (one is bare body, the other is in a coffin)
  • chits to represent wooden crosses
  • chits to represent tombstones
  • Busiest Gravedigger Victory Card (for the player who has the most burials, at least 6 wooden crosses or tombstones, in any combination)
  • Busiest Sexton Victory Card (for the player with the most cemetery plots, at least 3)
  • Burial Resource Requirements Card.

Busiest Gravedigger Tile

Busiest Sexton Tile

Unfortunately, I was so busy at work, I wasn’t able to play test the game before giving it to him, nor was I able to finish all the special component pieces. But it’s at least playable. I’ll post the final scenario game once we’ve played it a couple times.

Fortunately for me, this game was super cheap to make: a few bucks to get the photos printed. An hour or so for a friend to offer feedback, via Onion River Exchange time trade, and the rest of it was free—scrap supplies from local art store, and my trusty labeling machine. The look on his face when he opened it: priceless.Cemeteries of Catan Game

Oh, and then there was this, too:

Settlers of Catan Cake

This chocolate banana rum cake was created by Birchgrove Baking.

If you like Dan’s photos, check out the Green Mountain Graveyards site for more.

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