Recollections of Parties Past

I’ve been dumpster diving these past few weeks into cardboard only bins and requesting cardboard boxes from groceries and bookstores in anticipation of our move to our new house. And what keeps me going is the anticipation of the great parties we will have once we are settled in.

All this excitement of course reminds me of the parties I’ve hosted in the past–particularly the ones I hosted with my friend Eric in Brattleboro when we both lived there, which were mostly themed get togethers:

Salad-themed potluck which surprisingly yielded quite a variety of offerings.

The 1964 Beatles / Time Machine in which I arrived from the future in a wedding dress.

The Troll 2 party at which there was a guacamole smack down.

The Thanksgiving at which I had a spring roll buffet and a band showed up and asked to play.

For the most immediate future, I’m anticipating an early summer housewarming party, some sort of house blessing ceremony, a birthday party and restarting Festivus once the holidays come around.

I have to admit I’ve already started planning the housewarming, using the services posted on the Onion River Exchange–one member offered some buntings and decorative linens for trade. I’ll also be able to get some food help and party help via ORE. I worked a wedding last year this way, so I know it works.

In the meantime, our lives are fitting into all the cardboard we can find.


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