Camping Roundup Summer 2014

Dan and I made the most of this summer’s beautiful weekends with 5 camping trips between May and September–the most we’ve done in one season so far. We had two goals this year: to host one group camping trip with our friends, and to go to state parks we hadn’t been to before. In addition to Little River and Silver Lake, these are the other adventures:

Gathered around the fire, we tell ghost stories.

Gathered around the fire, we tell ghost stories.

Ricker Pond, Groton State Forest 

We returned to site 19, which we know and love for our group camp trip–we ended up camping 4 nights/5 days, which was a long time for us. We hiked up Owl’s Head, lazed around Boulder Beach, and had huge crackling fires at night. We celebrated Colin’s birthday and explored a burnt-out storage unit. Dan tried to buy pie at the general store, but they refused him because it meant that they’d have to make more pie.

Grand Isle State Park, Grand Isle, VT

After the first night, we put up the rain fly, not just to keep the warmth in, but also for some privacy. This park was loaded with families. There were lots of French-speaking Canadians. We took a day trip to Alburg Dunes Beach, which reminded me of the Florida shores of my childhood. We also visited the Grand Isle Farmer’s Market. We explored the entire park and understood why our friends coveted this place–so many options for privacy, beauty, and lake access.

Lake Carmi State Park, Franklin, VT 

Boats docked at Alburg Dunes.

Boats docked at Alburg Dunes.

Here we were five miles from the Canadian border–at one point, we almost reached it and turned around. Needless to say, lots of Canadians here, too. This park was patrolled by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Dept, and also services by an ice cream truck that came around just before dusk.  The lake was full of grass, we could hear the nearby motocross track all weekend, and we got maple and black raspberry creemies at The Old Bowling Alley Restaurant on their last day of the season.

New Year, New Gear

Improvements to our set up include:

The case holds the stove and two propane canisters.

The case holds the stove and two propane canisters.

  • New carrying case for the camp stove
  • air pillows instead of regular pillows
  • hanging shoe organizer for our miscellaneous things
  • table cloth for picnic table
  • Army sacks for our clothes and personal items
  • Dutch oven
  • new camp dishes and linens
  • repurposed zippered pouches for meal prep
  • soft cooler for drinks
  • lots of reusable ice packs

We’re happy to have packed in quite a lot of camping this year. We are still putting everything away for the season, and are already planning next year’s adventures.

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