Three Ways to Use Roasted Cherries

While listening to a food-related podcast recently, a guest or host mentioned roasted cherries. It was an off-hand mention with no further elaboration. It was enough to pique my interest. I had no idea what to do with roasted cherries, nor can I remember the context in which they were mentioned.

I fired up the oven to a warm 350 anyway set my washed fruit on the baking tray and the timer for 15 minutes. I decided to leave the pits in tact, in case they offered any flavor, and to keep the fruit as juicy as possible. Fifteen minutes proved not long enough.  In total I think they were in the oven for about 1/2 hour with one stir mid way through.
Roasted cherries

They turned out just like I imagined they would.

I pitted them after they cooled and found the flesh to be dense and meaty, with a deep, dark color. I kept them in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

1. Lettuce Wrap
Lettuce Wrap

My wrap, loaded with herbs and peppers.

I used cherries instead of hoisin sauce, which provided a fruity but not sweet compliment to the chicken filling and backdrop to the herbs.
2. Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs

Left: mustard, hot sauce, roasted cherries and banana peppers. Right: sauerkraut, ketchup and jalepeno.

Inspired by this post, I made a hot dogs dinner (my favorite: Hebrew National All-Beef), and used the cherries as a sort of relish.
3. Roasted Plum Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce in the Mixer

Probably the best hot sauce I’ve made ever.

I added the rest of my cherries and roasted plums to my standard Lao-style dipping sauce, which I now use with everything. I use Penn’s recipe as a guide.
I’d have explored more, but my stash lasted less than two weeks–very yummy stuff. I’d recommend you roast some of your own, and let me know how you use your cherries!


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