Closing up the Summer

Despite earlier warnings of frost, Fall (and this Winter) didn’t make it’s way into our household until this weekend. Simple chores we’d been putting off took on greater urgency. This weekend was about hunkering down and prepping for the Snowpocalypse.

Three signs we are saying goodbye to summer:

1. I finally stirred the compost.

Dan’s homemade bin is half full of dark crumbly matter– the scraps of my long forgotten dinners and inedible peelings and husks, egg shells, forgotten, shriveled beets and the pulp of soup stocks.

It’s our first homemade batch and so I’m quite proud of it. I can’t wait for spring planting season!

2. The screens go up and the storms come down.

Just in time for the cold rainy weekend. Sorry, spiders, you’ll have to find some other places to hang out. Upside–the house is a lot warmer.

3. Norwich University’s Drop n Swap.

I’m a sucker for clothing swaps and this weekend’s event was picked clean within a couple of hours. Hopefully the sweaters I got for myself will keep me warm this winter.


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