Sugar Snow

I recently renewed my domain name and so I might as well keep this site updated, eh?


1. I keep bacon in a jar in the fridge so I have it when I need it. Sundays are about the Bloody Mali (Lao-sty Bloody Mary) and hanging out w George Foreman–the lean, mean cooking machine, I mean. Batch cooking bacon on the grill means no greasy mess and gunk-free drippings. Plus, bacon for the rest of the week!

2. Bussing to work is the yin / yang of despair and hope for humanity. The bus is typically late, which turns me into Lucy Van Pelt with a rain cloud looking for the next sucker to punch. But along the bumpy ride, the riders take an axe to the casing around my heart as they talk about family planning, money woes, their homelessness, their babies. People on the bus are strangers with a common mission–to keep on keeping on.

3. In my dream last night, I asked my colleague if something could be a higher priority than a number 1 priority. We got into negative numbers and I guess my lesson is that yes, you can change the paradigm if you want to.

4. We’ve started the mystery seeds my mother saved for me. Dreams of a garden seem unattainable. But we keep on keeping on. Despite this morning’s view out the window.


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