The Barre Blurr

Inspired by a cocktail-in-a-jar gift we found on our holiday weekend in Woodstock, I decided to make my own concoction as a hostess gift for this year’s Group Camp outing.

I didn’t have time to dehydrate the components, but figured fresh ingredients I had around the house would be just fine. Components are:

1 generous tablespoon of fresh picked blackberries
1 cherry, split, pit removed
3 whole cardamom pods
1 thick slab of ginger, peeled

I’m calling it The Barre Blurr because that’s what it feels like these days, a big purple blur. Anyways, steep in a liquid of your choice for 1 day, strain and enjoy.

I added handwritten labels to my mason jars because I was feeling extra crafty. My fellow campers enjoyed it very much!

Cheers! (Photo by Preya Holland, who steeped her Blurr in vodka and mixed it with seltzer.)

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