The masks 🎭 I’m wearing

I’m the sort of person who gets nervous when in proximity of people without masks (unless they are folks I know, and we’ve already established our safety rules). I’m also the sort of person who will walk down through my neighborhood, hike, and/or drive without a mask, but put one on when approaching people. Because really, it’s about how we are when we’re close to others.

I’m wearing a yellow mask w a skull on it

I had this awesome yellow sequined skull bandana that I asked my friend Kate to make into a mask for me. She was able to get three masks out of it. I get compliments on this one a lot.

She also made the ear saver I’m wearing. It’s a headband with big buttons sewn into it and I loop the ear straps around that. It works really well.

I’m wearing a pretty purple mask

My friend Liz Walsh is making really pretty ones and selling them at The Drawing Board, her shop in downtown Montpelier. She has many styles and sizes. This is one of the ribbon tie-backs She also makes these mask holders—ribbon with small clips on the end (mine is green in the picture), which is so handy. I can easily wear and remove my mask without worrying about losing it.

Of course, Mom has been making and sending me masks too! Here Dan and I go all matchy with the two styles she makes in blue and me in a green one of hers. I look like a Muppet when I have my glasses on! 😜

Lalitha and I wearing our masks

My friend Lalitha and I all masked up while waiting for our lunch. She and I have different pods and so while we’re both safe, when we meet, it’s kinda like we’re bringing all our pod germs along, too! 🦠😬

It’s so frustrating and exhausting to have to be so careful all the time. And to have to extend trust, when folks say they’ve been safe, I have to believe them. Then I have to consider whether I feel safe around them. And asking consent to be mask-free in mixed company is a thing! Hopefully this mass exercise will result in all of us having better boundaries.

Masked up at camp
The Group Camp one. That mask clip really came in handy during this trip.

What I’m still getting used to is washing them and having clean ones handy. I don’t have a dedicated spot for my masks yet. It seems that until a vaccine comes through, I should figure this out. Do I put them with my keys? I already have a couple in my car, for when I’m out.

My brother w his mask

My brother shows off one of the masks my friend Anne made for us. I had bought a dozen or so to give away to folks who needed them. Khonsy is an “essential worker” in the food industry and so needed masks for his commute. And his family needed masks for other times when they had to be out. They have been distributing Anne’s and Mom’s masks to friends as well.

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