The Church of Perch

Yesterday we met up and had lunch with a perch enthusiast. The season for this freshwater fish is waning, as the shacks are now coming off the lakes. With this warm winter, I doubt there are patches of ice strong enough to hold a structure.

Perch, before. Perch, before.

My father used to take me fishing when I was young. Our usual spot was off the side of the road at the old Georgia Pacific plant in Brattleboro near the Cersosimo lumberyard. The bank was rocky and the water still. We’d sit for hours as the sun glimmered off the ripples, blinding me and the boulders we sat upon soaked in the heat. Continue reading

Ma, Der

The Laotian households of my youth were always open to guests. It seemed there was often a celebration or get-together somewhere and even when there wasn’t there was a standing invitation to dinner. “Ma, der” is the term used to urge someone to come eat with you.

Our social calendar has been fairly full so far this year with dinner parties and outings. A few highlights from the past 6 weeks: Continue reading