Open Letter to People Who Found My Blog Accidentally

Inspired by Amy at Lucy’s Football, I looked at searches that led readers to this blog. And oh boy, I had no idea what you all were looking for! My blog doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as hers, so I pulled up everything from the life of this blog—say, this spring when I transitioned to WordPress: Continue reading

2013 Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge

Whoa—I’ve just found out about this awesome challenge offered by the Vermont State Parks: The 2013 Venture Vermont Challenge. Dan and I have already decided to make more camping trips this year, and so participating in this challenge will add another level of fun for us.

Dan and I are not back-to-nature people. We also have no kids or pets that we travel with. Some of our friends were surprised to know that we enjoy this sort of recreation. Our daily “city” life in Montpelier is absent of forestry, animal tracking or wilderness survival. And perhaps that is what makes weekend camping so necessary for us.

For us the break from technology and immersion into nature is our main benefit. Plus, both of us had enjoyable times in campgrounds growing up, and we have nostalgia for them. Dan used to go camping with his grandparents. My family used to go picnicking on Saturdays during the summer.

Photo of Dan at Ricker Pond. 2012

Dan manages to set the grate of the fire pit at our site at Ricker Pond. 2012.

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