Open Letter to People Who Found My Blog Accidentally

Inspired by Amy at Lucy’s Football, I looked at searches that led readers to this blog. And oh boy, I had no idea what you all were looking for! My blog doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as hers, so I pulled up everything from the life of this blog—say, this spring when I transitioned to WordPress: Continue reading

A brief update of activity

I haven’t posted as much as I should about what I’ve been up to (busy doing it!), so here’s a run-down of some of the things I’ve been meaning to tell you about these past few years.

Pie & Poetry 2013

  1. This video collaboration
  2. This walking project
  3. I just joined the roster of this blog (they are also having a funding campaign HERE)
  4. Got grilled by Steve Pappas on TV
  5. Got grilled by Keith Vance on TV
  6. Got grilled by Cassandra Hemenway on TV
  7. Got grilled by Shelagh Shapiro on her podcast
  8. Made this partnership happen
  9. A poem in here
  10. 4 poems in here
  11. Growing this project
  12. Won these awards (edit: this link no longer works. Disabled, for now)
  13. Helped these people do this
  14. Therefore, I earn the my keep on the faculty roster here

That’s a good enough list for now. More as things progress. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Oh yeah, in case you forgot, I live here.

Rainy Art Walk 2013

VDP Roundup: Working with Designers

Montpelier Alive recently hosted a meeting of the Vermont Downtowns Program, which meets quarterly to talk shop and learn from one another. It does take up the entirety of my day, but it’s really great to hear what’s happening in other communities, and to share knowledge.

Part of my hosting duties was 75 minutes about Montpelier Alive. Typically the host does a walking tour of the downtown, but I chose not to do that, since Montpelier is a place that many of these folks have been to and/or will visit again. Plus it was optional. I wanted to tie in with the Four Points® theme of Promotions, and so decided instead to focus on talking about the why’s and how’s of using professional graphic designers for your outgoing materials.

Communities represented include Springfield, Rutland, Windsor, White River Junction, St. Johnsbury, and Montpelier.

Communities represented in this photo include Springfield, Rutland, Windsor, White River Junction, St. Johnsbury, and Montpelier.

In the back of the room, I set up a table of our current materials, all of which were outsourced to local graphic designers.

“I’m only two years into the job,” I said, “and the comment that I continue to hear from people is that since I came on board, everything seems so much more polished and professional looking. And so I want to talk about how and why that happens,” I began. Here’s a recap of our discussion (quotes are notes from Montpelier Alive designers):  Continue reading